Catholic Campaign For Human Development (CCHD)
Archdiocese of Baltimore

1999 CCHD Grants Awarded in Archdiocese of Baltimore

National Grants

$30,000 - New Southwest Community Association - School Sense Project

This third year national grant will provide for a paid community organizer intern and a project director. Started as a block club in 1993, this organization has attained better city services, decreasing drug activity and, working with an active education committee, pressured the City School Board to restructure and expand local elementary school and student tracking system to decrease the drop out rate in this Southwest Baltimore community of 12 square blocks.
Contact: Ms. Barbara Collins - 410-947-2751

$25,000 - Tri-Churches Housing, Inc. - Baltimore

Since 1985, Tri-Churches Housing in Southwest Baltimore, has renovated and sold 25 units of affordable housing, provided more than 5,000 neighborhood residents with home buyer information and counsel. This 2nd year CCHD grant will empower trained residents to take ownership of improvement efforts by building a strong community organization, just opposite Oriole Park at Camden Yards and the new Ravens (PSINet) Stadium.
Contact: Ms. Nonet Thomas - 410-385-1463

$25,000 - Operation Reachout Southwest (OROSW) - Education Initiative

A coalition of community based associations, non-profit organizations, businesses and churches created Operation Reachout Southwest in 1994. Staffed by personnel from Bon Secours Hospital, the group undertook the needs of young families in this low income area of Baltimore. In the Spring of 1999, 60 units of housing were ready for them! Extending this family support system to education, OROSW will use this CCHD grant to work to better public schools and higher student achievement.
Contact: Ms. Joyce Smith - 410-837-2036

$10,000 - Project Lazarus/The Door - Baltimore Urban Leadership

The Baltimore Urban Leadership Foundation, also known as The Door, works with East Baltimore churches and community agencies to empower inner city neighborhoods. This CCHD Feasibility Study grant will help determine the proposed expansion of Project Lazarus, am urban construction and home ownership initiative. The Project hires, trains workers in construction skills and provides employment in renovating one house every three months. With increasing production, a project to be known as Cornerstone might come about resulting from this study.
Contact: Mr. Jim Davenport - 410-675-3288

$71,775.00 - South Baltimore Learning Center

This sum represents the forgiveness of a lien held by the Catholic Campaign for Human Development on the building at 28 E. Ostend St., Baltimore. In a capital fund raising campaign the South Baltimore Learning Center welcomed this action by the national office of CCHD, both as a sign of support for its work and as a gesture of reconciliation, in keeping with the ancient practice of forgiving debts in the coming year of Jubilee.
Contact: Mr. Jay Marcus - 410-625-4215

Local Grants

$7,000 - Homewood Residents Council - Uplift

A major portion of this grant money is designated to gain the help of a consultant to design a project engaging the residents of Homewood House in leadership development and service to the wider community.
Contact: Mrs. Devon Wilford-Said - 410-235-3690

$5,000 - Students Sharing Coalition - Baltimore

This second local CCHD grant will support the Coalition's Advocacy Symposium, Annapolis lobbying efforts and the Social Awareness Music Festival. Leading students from Baltimore area's private and public high schools and colleges continue to learn, teach, share, and live the lessons of social justice.
Contact: Mrs. Linda Kohler - 410-662-8999

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