Catholic Campaign For Human Development (CCHD)
Archdiocese of Baltimore

1998 CCHD Grants Awarded in Archdiocese of Baltimore

National Grants

$50,000 to Southeast Community Organization/Southeast Development Inc., Baltimore.
Will recruit and train low-income workers to provide home care for the elderly and disabled.
Contact: Warren Nilsson, 410-534-4731. \

$35,000 to School Sense/New Southwest Community Association, Baltimore.
This grass-roots, low-income community group continues to organize to demand and effect better service from the Baltimore City Schools.
Contact: Ann Ames, 410-945-4947.

$30,000 to Solidarity in Baltimore/Solidarity Sponsoring Committee, Baltimore.
These low-income, temporary workers, who successfully battled for living wage initiatives, hope to establish their own employment agency.
Contact: Jonathan Lange, 410-528-0305.

$25,000 to Tri-Churches Housing/Neighbors Organizing Project
This group in Baltimore's "Pigtown" has made outstanding progress in rehabilitating and selling homes to low-income residents. This grant supports the organizing efforts within the neighborhood.
Contact: Kelly Collings, 410-385-1463.

Local Grants

$15,000 to Quality of Life Center/Discount Mart, Baltimore.
This northeast Baltimore center serves low-income residents and welfare recipients in a variety of ways, including the newly established "Loan-Up" program that allows them to make small loans that enable people to get jobs, such as funds for tools for a mechanic or money for something as small as work boots.
Contact: Doris Johnson, 410-235-3933.

$12,000 to Parents with Power/Julie Community Center, Baltimore.
This parent/child family organizing project aims to engage parents as key actors in securing a living wage for their families.
Contact: Sister Barbara English, SND, 410-675-6300.

$7,500 to Cherry Hill 2000/Economic Development Committee, Baltimore.
This grant will enable this organization to widen their community efforts with computer equipment and will provide technical assistance to focus on long-range goals.
Contact: Cathy Brown, 410-354-2000.

$5,000 to Solidarity in Baltimore/Solidarity Sponsoring Committee.
This grant from CCHD's economic development arm will allow for business planning strategy for the aforementioned employment agency.
Contact: Jonathan Lange, 410-528-0305.

$5,000 to Students Sharing Coalition, Baltimore.
This is the first Youth Empowerment Grant awarded by CCHD, part of a program to educate students about social justice issues. This project, involving local high school and college students, will train students to study legislation and lobby effectively in Annapolis on behalf of low-income people and the homeless.
Contact: Linda Kohler, 410-662-8999.

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