Catholic Campaign For Human Development (CCHD)
Archdiocese of Baltimore

CCHD Grants Awarded in 1997

National Grants

$45,000 to Solidarity Sponsoring Commitee, Solidarity in Baltimore.
Solidarity organizes low-income, part-time workers to help them obtain portable benefits that they can carry from job to job. The organization won a landmark victory with the passage of the "Living Wage" legislation in Baltimore for city contract workers.

$40,000 to School Sense/New Southwest Community Association, Baltimore
Having received two local CCHD grants, this project truly relfects the basic reasons for which CHD was founded! Covering a 12 square block area in southwest Baltimore, this grassroots, community ogranizaing effort has been successful in handling trash problems, holding owners responsible for deteriorating properties and decreasing the drug trade. An active education committee succeeded in having the local schools restructured so that third- graders did not have to walk several blocks through dilapidated neighborhoods because their own school stopped at the second grade.

Local Grants

$12,000 -- Tri-Churches Housing, Inc. Baltimore
Tri-Churches Neighbors Project teaches leadership development skills to local residents, empowering them to make necessary changes in their community and promotes home ownership throughout the neighborhood.

$7,000 -- People Empowered for Educational Reform (PEER)/Planning Action Committee of Anne Arundel County, Annapolis
PEER groups work in low income communities to change the institutional and instructional policies of the public school system toward more equitable treatment of the children of African-American families.

$6,000 New Creations Community Development Corp. Cherry Hill, Baltimore
In 1996, NCCDC, an outgrowth of the Enterprise Foundation and the Cherry Hill Nehemiah BUILD board, partnered with Cartholic Charities in the purchase and renovation of the Cherry Hill Shopping Center, providing a neighborhood service center and a branch of the public library. The NCCDC Board also is allied with St. Veronica's Church Head Start Policy committee, providng after-school care and an adult education/job readiness program. CCHD offers this local grant to help manage this wonderful variety of opportunities.

$5,000 Hands United Volunteer Care Givers/SECO Senior Housing Initiative, Baltimore
The South East Community Organization (SECO) founded the Seniors' Housing Initiative in 1989, assisting older, low-income residents with home modifications. Now, a volunteer caregiver component will recruit and train women on public assistance, preparing them for work in the home health field. This local CCHD grant will assist in the planning of this important work.

$5,000 Better Waverly Landlord/Tenant Association, Baltimore
This local CCHD grant is intended to help organize a neighborhhood-wide development around strategic issues, promoting advocacy among tenants to work toward combating community deterioration, in cooperation with landlords. This grant will allow them to afford the technical assistance needed for effective organization.

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