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Catholic Campaign For Human Development (CCHD)
Archdiocese of Baltimore

2020 CCHD Grants Awarded in Archdiocese of Baltimore

NATIONAL GRANTS - (Total 2020 Grants: $ 78,000)

This grant will enable a strong congregations based organization to provide leadership and training for their ongoing efforts to address needed steps in the Maryland criminal justice system. Working with legislators in Annapolis, BRIDGE hopes to alleviate unjust conditions for incarcerated persons and bolster their Youth at Risk Program.
CONTACT: Rev. Gayle Briscoe 3200 Garrison Blvd. Baltimore 21216 - Ph 410-664-2774 -

This CCHD National Grant will aid CHIN's efforts to secure and support sponsorship for the GRACE Act Guaranteed Refugee Admissions Enhancement Act by Maryland's senators and representatives. The GRACE Act restores the U.S. Refugee Resettlement Program.
CONTACT: Zo Tum Hmung - 7180 Deep Falls Way, Elkridge, MD 21075 - Ph 443-936-8616

In the McElderry Park neighborhood of southeast Baltimore, the majority of the residents live in poverty, with hard earned money meeting high rent payments. The land trust new homeowners will be aided with educational and practical benefits of cooperative land ownership and sustainability. The voices of these poverty level folks are heard in all decision making.
CONTACT: Peter Sabonis - 2424 McElderry St, Baltimore, MD 21224 - Ph 301-639-2561

In the Curtis Bay area of Baltimore City, residents now have a vision of home ownership and self help long denied some of their families. This will offer an opportunity to move from rent to holding a property deed and share in enjoying green spaces and playgrounds.
CONTACT: Greg Sawtell - 4710 Pennington Ave. Curtis Bay, MD 21226 -Ph 513-638-7107

2020 Local CCHD Grants

Composed of 26 church based and non-profit groups ACT will listen to the needs of residents, encourage participation in leadership training and in turn give voice to its political representatives both locally and in the Maryland Legislature. ACT is also aiming to widen the concerns of poverty level income folks in its leadership efforts.
CONTACT: Rev. Ryan Sirmons, 8 Carvel Circle, Edgewater, MD 21037 - Ph 407-720-7547

This local CCHD grant will aid the continuing work of the Cooperative Baltimore Academy serving to support and encourage small businesses of color with emphasis on fair wages and respectful working conditions.
CONTACT: Ron Hantz - 28 46th Place NE Washington, D.C. - Ph 410-961-8697

$15,000 - YOUTH AS RESOURCES (YAR), Baltimore
Long standing and highly regarded in the Baltimore community YAR is working with the School Board and the Education Department on the Peoples Commission to address reforms in the criminal justice system, train and support high school age leaders in the YES Drop in Center in their advocacy efforts.
CONTACT: Julie Reede - 111 N. Charles St, Baltimore, MD 21201 - Ph 410-576-9551 ext 1

CCHD Collection, Archdiocese of Baltimore. Nov. 2019 $161,500
National CCHD Grants 2020 Total ------ $165,000
Local CCHD Grants 2020 Total ----------- $45,000
Total CCHD National & Local Grants - $210,000

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