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Catholic Campaign For Human Development (CCHD)
Archdiocese of Baltimore

2019 CCHD Grants Awarded in Archdiocese of Baltimore


United Workers Association continues their successful efforts to advocate living wages for poverty level income workers striving for safe, affordable and adequate housing in areas affected by harmful waste and energy discharges.
CONTACT: Todd Cherkis, P.O. Box 41547 Baltimore 21203 - Ph 410-340-2838

$75,000 - NO BOUNDARIES COALITION, Baltimore
Leadership development, continues with the Stewards Board, encouraging wider participation in working to achieve, safer streets, more effective schools and a rec center. The youth component has teamed up with similar groups in this part of the city to achieve goals.
CONTACT: Ms. Ashiah Parjer, Ph 443-570-1480

$60,000 - B.R.I.D.G.E. OF MARYLAND, Baltimore
Grant will continue to support leadership training to work on issues of criminal justice, affordable housing and transportation. Specific attention provided for "on risk" males, directing them toward education and job opportunities. BRIDGE represents a number of church based organizations sharing common goals.
CONTACT: Rev. Gayle Briscoe 3200 Garrison Blvd. Baltimore 21216 -

Continuing to work for inclusive, adequate housing in north east Baltimore. NEHI is developing a larger leadership group to help citizens reduce vacant housing, maintain pattern of increasing stbility.
CONTACT: Garrick Good - Ph 301-975-5319

$50,000 DRINK AT THE WELL Baltimore
Recognizing the right and need for adequate, inclusive and affordable housing. Drink at the Well's leaders have touched the lives of many citizens and policians to work together in building a strong and humane commuity. Business entrepreneurs have arisen. The land trust will stabilize their overall efforts.
CONTACT: Greg Sawtell - Ph 513-638-7107

  • $25,000 Charm City Land Trust Baltimore
    This CCHD grant will assist Charm City in hiring a part time community organizer. It continues its critical work to hold land in trust for the community and to foster affordable home ownership. It has wrked to enact the Maryland Affordable Housing Land Trust Act in 2010. It has earlier received a CCHD technical assistance grant for its developing work in the McElderry Park area of East Baltimore.
    CONTACT: Sharon Hunt - Ph 301-639-2561

    2019 Local CCHD Grants

    $15,000 - YOUTH AS RESOURCES, Baltimore
    Thhe local CCHD grant will support YAR's continuing steller work in providing youth leadership within communities and Baltimore City schools. Counsel for training school police officers, listening sessions to offer positive feedbackin youth round table discussions.
    CONTACT: Tori Grace - Ph 410-576-9551 ext 1

    $15,000 - CHIN Integration and Advocacy Network
    Members ara an ethnic nationality from Burma, now living in Maryland. They support work in providing housing and financial education. Liaison in place to advocate for children needing help in Howard county schools also
    CONTACT: Zo Tum Hmung - Ph 443-936-8616

    $15,000 - Streets of Hope. Essex MD
    Work is directed primarily toward providing education, housing and job opportunities for homeless men in this area of east Baltimore County. The board had trained 230 volunteers to facilitate their goals and is building relationships with the local churches and parochial schools.
    CONTACT: Patrick Dickerson - Ph 443-764-4249

    CCHD Collection, Archdiocese of Baltimore. Nov. 2018 $208,500
    National CCHD Grants 2019 Total ---- $340,000
    Local CCHD Grants 2019 Total ---------- $45,000
    Total CCHD National & Local Grants -$385,000

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