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Catholic Campaign For Human Development (CCHD)
Archdiocese of Baltimore

Archdiocese of Baltimore
2018 CCHD National and Local Grants

National CCHD Grants

$75,000 - NO BOUNDARIES COALITION, Baltimore
With continuing leadership development, directed by a Stewards Council Board, the Coalition strongly aids the work of building community and economic development. The national CCHD grant encourages their facing abd addressing the long term effects of poverty and segregation, still prevalent three years after the Freddie Gray unrest.
CONTACT: Ray Kelly, 1525 N. Fremont Ave. 21217 Ph 410-669-0512

CCHD awards this national grant to UWA enabling them to promote their successful efforts to secure living wages for poverty-level income workers, advocate for safe and affordable housing especially in areas affected by harmful waste and energy discharges.
CONTACT: Todd Cherkis, P.O. Box 41547 Baltimore 21203 - Ph 410-340-2838

This grant continues to support the critical work of the PATH Strategy Team offering and promoting immigrants' rights education and affordable housing opportunities in Howard County. The needs are so evident even in a locality where many folks are blessed with good incomes.
CONTACT: Cynthia Marshall, 5885 Robert Oliver Place, Columbia MD 21045 - Ph 413-575-9128

$50,000 - B.R.I.D.G.E. OF MARYLAND, Baltimore
BRIDGE, composed of faith based congregations in Baltimore City and County, is now experiencing a new vitality, urging members and citizens to become actively concerned about needs in their neighborhoods, promote reforms of the criminal justice system and rebuild family life.
CONTACT: Rev. Gayle Briscoe, 3200 Garrison Blvd. Baltimore 21216 - Ph 410-664- 2774

This CCHD Economic Development grant continues to support NEHI's efforts to promote affordable housing through a community land trust. This gtrant is awarded to match funds raised by NEHI as it works with area parishes, community residents and leaders to improve living conditions in Northeast Baltimore.
CONTACT: Chris Lafferty, 4414 Frankford Ave. 21206 - Ph 410-488-0400

This national CCHD grant recognized the critical efforts of IOSC in welcoming and meeting the concerns of persons and their families arriving in Baltimore. Located at St. Matthew Church, IOSC has a strong record of enabling the adjustment of our new folks to know the rights and opportunities for jobs and housing.
CONTACT: Ms. Pat Jones, 5401 Loch Raven Blvd. Baltimore 21239 - Ph 443-631-0801

$40,000 DRINK AT THE WELL Baltimore
This national CCHD grant will enable the foundation of a land trust to address the deteriorating conditions and poor housing opportunities in the Curtis Bay area of Baltimore. A srtong network of residents, planners, builders, architects and artisana will plan and develop the first Trust houses.
CONTACT: Mandy Memmel, 4710 Pennington Ave. Curtis Bay, MD 21226 - Ph 410-589-6670

2018 Local CCHD Grants

$20,000 - YOUTH AS RESOURCES, Baltimore
Thhe local CCHD grant will support YAR's continued efforts to recruit and train youth leaders as community organizers. The Task Force trains over 300 young persons annually. YAR also addresses the cooperative efforts between schools and the police department.
CONTACT: Ms. Julie Reeder 111 N. Charles St. Baltimore 21201 Suite 502 - Ph 410-576-9551

Y.E.S. provides the only dedicated drop in center in Baltimore and across the state, where homeless youth can can gather and are welcomed into programs leading toward wellness and stability. This grant will assist in funding their next Peer Intern.
CONTACT: Blair Franklin, 3503 N. Charles St. 21218 - Ph 443-844-6246

2018 National CCHD Grants----$385,000
Local CCHD Grants--------$40,000
Total 2018 CCHD Grants--$425,000

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