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Archdiocese of Baltimore

Archdiocese of Baltimore
2017 CCHD National and Local Grants

National CCHD Grants

$75,000 - NO BOUNDARIES COALITION, Baltimore
Located in north central Baltimore city, six neighborhoods have united in leadership development, led by a board, known as the Stewards Council. This grant continues to assist the efforts to build community and economic opportunities, addressing the long term effects of poverty and segregation, still prevalent two years after the Freddie Gay unrest.
CONTACT: Rebecca Nagle, 1526 N. Fremont Ave. 21217 Ph 443-722-0929

UWA began with the organizing and successful effort to secure fair wages for poverty-level workers cleaning Oriole Park and Ravens Stadium. Leadership training and development have fostered the current campaign to efforts to provide safe living conditions for folks affected by harmful waste and energy.
CONTACT: Todd Cherkis, P.O. Box 41547 Baltimore 21203 - Ph 410-340-2838

$50,000 - B.R.I.D.G.E. OF MARYLAND, Baltimore
BRIDGE is now revitalized with new leadership. Comprised of faith based congregations in Baltimore city, county and neighboring areas, BRIDGE intends to use this grant to engage citizens in a listening campaign, to get involved in improving their neighborhoods, promote economic development and a reform of the criminal justice system.
CONTACT: Rev. Gayle Briscoe, 3200 Garrison Blvd. Baltimore 21216 - Ph 410-664- 2774

BUILD has a long and effective record of leadership training, grass roots, organizing within a wide circle of faith based congregations. This grant will continue to fund the "Turn Around Tuesdays" program, herein persons reentering everyday life, have mentors, counsellors and encouragement to rebuild their own lives and those within their families and communities.
CONTACT: Cheryl Finney, 2439 Maryland Ave. Baltimore 21218 - Ph 410-280-0305

This Economic Development grant will be matched with funds/ equity to continue NEHI's efforts in promoting affordable housing through a community land trust. Hoping to implement its organizational and business plan; NEHI includes community residents, homeowners and community leaders The Catholic parishes of St. Anthony of Padua and St. Dominic in northeast Baltimore are supportive participants in this ongoing work.
CONTACT: Chris Lafferty, 4414 Frankford Ave. 21206 - Ph 410-488-0400

This grant will support efforts of the PATH Strategy Team to offer and promote immigrants' rights education and affordable housing opportunities in Howard County. The strategy team recognizes the need for more inclusive education and advocacy to secure a commitment of all county residents for affordable workforce housing.
CONTACT: Cynthia Marshall, 5885 Robert Oliver Place, Columbia MD 21045 - Ph 443-433- 8054

Based at St. Matthew Catholic Church in northeast Baltimore, IOSC has a long history of welcoming and supporting immigrants, from many nations and backgrounds. Their board's membership, all immigrants, understands the problems, fears, of those new to our country. Together, everyone works to secure their rights and provide opportunities for full acceptance in the wider community.
CONTACT: Ms. Pat Jones, 5401 Loch Raven Blvd. Baltimore 21239 - Ph 443-631-0181

Local CCHD Grants

With the opening of its doors in 2012, YES offers a one stop drop in center, staffed primarily by formerly homeless youth. From meeting emergency needs to opportunities to engage legislators to address problems faces by homeless young persons. YES serves an urgent need within Baltimore City.
CONTACT: Lara Law 2315 N. Charles St. 21218 443-631-3017

$15,000 - CHARM CITY LAND TRUST INC. Baltimore
Established in 2000, Charm City Land Trusts is working to create vibrant, health neighborhoods of opportunity and connect Baltimore residents to land to improve their quality of life. It is now working on its first single family property to be developed for low income ownership.
CONTACT: Ann Mitchell Sackey, 2424 McEldrerry St 21205, 504-473-2053

$5,000 - YOUTH AS RESOURCES, Baltimore
This technical assistance grant will assist YAR in their efforts to seek new national CCHD funding. YAR continues its outstanding work in developing youth leaders and enabling grants to small neighborhood projects directed by young people.

Highly successful in leadership training and social justice education, YAR enables young persons of middle and high school age to facilitate and direct actions, plan projects and write grants to improve city neighborhoods. This local grant will aid in their site transition as well.
CONTACT: Ms. Julie Reeder 10 W. Eager St. Baltimore 21201 410-576-9551

CCHD National Grants--$365,000
CCHD Local Grants-------$40,000

CCHD Total Archdiocesan Collection: November 2016 - $205,800

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