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Archdiocese of Baltimore

Archdiocese of Baltimore
2012 CCHD National and Local Grants

National Grants

$70,000 - P.A.T.H. (People Acting Together in Howard)
This sixth year national CCHD grant will continue to foster adequate, inclusive housing for needy families, medical care for seniors, and job opportunities for young people. Their successful efforts have been supported by member churches, civic organizations and legislators.
Contact: Cynthia Marshall, 5885 Robert Oliver Place, Columbia, MD. 21045, Phone: 443-433-8054

$63,000 - Y.A.R. (Youth as Resources), Baltimore
This fifth year national grant will enable the continuing work of training youth and young adults in social justice principles, who, in turn, enable other groups of youth to organize and improve their own neighborhoods.
Contact: Julie Reeder, 2 East Read St. 9th Floor, Baltimore 21202, Phone: 410-576-9551

$28,000 - OUT FOR JUSTICE, Baltimore
This fifth year national grant will continue the organizing efforts of a truly unique project to address and empower largely unrepresented persons, both inside and outside the prison system, with special attention to re-entry into society.
Contact: Trina Selden, 2505 N. Charles St. Baltimore 21218, Phone: 443-794-9411

In Baltimore city, this third year, national grant will support the continuing struggle of parents, whose children have special needs, to organize, train leaders and work together to get them proper attention in the Baltimore City Public Schools
Contact: Sandra Spears, 3023 Piedmont Ave. Baltimore 21217, Phone: 410-523-3225

In this second year (2nd round) national grant, the critical work of the Center will continue to train leaders, overcome fears, build self-confidence in welcoming immigrants into a new culture, safe housing and educational opportunities.
Contact: Jean Holloway, 5401 Loch Raven Blvd. Baltimore 21239, Phone: 410-323-8598

Local Grants

$18,500 - Y.E.S. (Youth Empowered Society), Baltimore
A local CCHD grant of $15,000 and a technical assistance grant of $3,500 will enable Peer Counselors, working with Baltimore's homeless youth to establish supportive relationships leading to adequate housing, continuing education opportunities and job openings, all leading to better Maryland state supported programs for homeless young people Drop In Center to open at 2315 N. Charles St on 8/1/12.
Contact: Lara Laws, c/o Fusion Partnerships 1601 N. Guilford Ave. 21202, Phone: 410-889-4700

$13,500 - WIDE ANGLE YOUTH MEDIA, Baltimore
This local CCHD grant of $10,000 with an added $3,500 technical assistance grant to develop relationships will provide ongoing support for training young people in media tools to educate folks of all ages in basic human rights, core values of self respect and the dignity of every person. Advocacy to effect societal change is key development goal
Contact: Susan Malone, 2601 N. Howard St. Suite 160 Baltimore 21218, Phone:443-759-6700

$10,000 MY BROTHER'S KEEPER, Baltimore
This local grant will support the ongoing development and training of the Youth Leadership Team in the Irvington community. In turn, their grasp of social justice principles will promote organizing others to effect change for the good of the wider neighborhood.
Contact: Nikotris Perkins, 4207 Frederick Ave. Baltimore 21229, Phone: 410-644-3194

Based on their stellar work in Baltimore City, United Workers receive this technical assistance grant, hopefully coupled with a national T/A grant to offer opportunities to organize low income folks suffering the effects of inadequate housing, overburdened schools and chronic unemployment in western Maryland.
Contact: Todd Cherkis, United Workers P.O. Box 41547 Baltimore 21203, Phone: 410-340-2838

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