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Catholic Campaign For Human Development (CCHD)
Archdiocese of Baltimore

Archdiocese of Baltimore
2011 CCHD National and Local Grants

National Grants

This fifth year, community organizing grant will continue to foster the work of churches and civic groups in promoting and securing adequate, inclusive housing for needy families. Legislators have responded positively in support of this critical work.
Contact: Cynthia Marshall, P.O. Box 404 Simpsonville MD 21150, Phone: 443-433-8054.

$57,000 - YOUTH AS RESOURCES (Y.A.R.), Baltimore
This fourth year national grant will enable the continuing outstanding work of training youth and young adults in the social justice principles, who, in turn, work with other groups of young people to organize and improve their neighborhoods and communities.
Contact: Julie Reeder, 2 E. Read St. Baltimore 21202 Phone: 410-576-9551

$40,000 - CITY WIDE EDUCATION GROUP, Baltimore
A second year, national grant to continue affirming the work of parents struggling and lobby with the Baltimore City Schools system to provide education for children with special needs.
Contact: Sandra Spears, 3023 Piedmont Ave. Baltimore 21216 Phone: 410-523-3225

$30,000 - OUT FOR JUSTICE, Baltimore
This fourth year organizing grant will foster the unique mission to address and empower largely unrepresented persons both inside and outside the prison system, with special; attention on reentry into society.
Contact: Trina Selden, 2505 N. Charles St. Baltimore 21218 Phone: 443-415-6301

$25,000 - ARUNDEL HOUSE OF HOPE, Anne Arundel County
This second year economic development grant will support the continuing work of leadership training and good business practices for low income workers who will eventually become owners of this small business.
Contact: Mario Berninzoni, 514 N. Crain Hwy. Glen Burnie MD 21061, 410-863-4888

$25,000 - Baltimore Regional Initiative Developing Genuine Equity (BRIDGE)
This congregation-church based group will continue to train and support leaders to advocate for low income workers, job traing in the construction trades and ongoing support for implenetation of the of "Inclusionary Housing" legislation on local and state levels.
Contact: Rev. David Casey, 330 Garrison Blvd. Baltimore 21216 Phone: 443-857-0831

$25,000 - COMMUNITIES UNITED, Baltimore.
This grant will enable the ongoing organizing efforts among low income workers to raise the minimum wage in the state of Maryland. Leadership training programs and confidence building support will bring about this needed change.
Contact: Steve Dooley, P.O. Box 463 Baltimore 21218 Phone: 443-955 3101

The critical work of this center will continue with this CCHD national grant. Leaders are trained to overcome fears, build self confidence, welcome others into their new culture, safe housing and educational opportunities.
Contact: Jean Holloway, 5401 Loch Raven Blvd Baltimore 21239, 410-323-8564

Local Grants

$5,000 - THE RAGPICKER INC, Baltimore
This technical assistance grant will help the organizers to focus their project to conform with CCHD's aim to change existing patterns of poverty while concurrently aiding folks to help themselves through rehabilitation programs.
Contact: Michele Granruth, 3410 White Ave. Baltimore 21214 Phone: 410-534-8735

This grant will provide technical assistance to develop a firm direction for leaders and residents to focus on clear goals and actions to benefit all in the community, even for homeless folks. The Council will also work to gain its 501C3 exemption.
Contact: Denise Thornton, 1011 Hope Circle Baltimore MD 21202 Phone: 443-869-2421

With a goal to provide safe, clean housing for homeless youth in Baltimore, the Initiative will continue to train persons who had formerly been homeless themselves. With the help of other local community groups, the goal of a "Drop In" center will be realized. Work will also continue to secure a 501C3 exemption.
Contact: Ross Pologe, 1101 St. Paul St. Baltimoe 21201 Phone: 410-332-4277

$10,000: PROYECTO ESPERANZA, Baltimore
This technical assistance grant will be awarded to aid in building new leadership and direction for a basically new organization determined to promote self sufficiency and education rights for immigrants in East Baltimore.
Contact: Susanna Barrios, 614 S. Kenwood Ave. Baltimore 21224

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