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Archdiocese of Baltimore

Archdiocese of Baltimore
2008 CCHD National and Local Grants

National Grants

$45,000 - Save Middle East Action Committee (SMEAC)
This 4th year community organizing grant will enable continuing efforts to give voice to displaced home owners and renters, seeking new and alternate housing opportunities in the technological park/redevelopments area in east Baltimore, adjacent to Johns Hopkins Hospital facilities.
Contact: Nathan Sooey, Executive Director, 2111 Ashland Ave., Baltimore, Maryland 21205; Phone: 405-522-3660

$40,000 - P.A.T.H. (People Acting Together in Howard)
A 2nd year community organizing grant encouraging congregations and community associations to work together to save current units and seek more affordable housing for needy persons/families . Likewise meeting with and negotiating with elected officials to give leadership and support in these efforts.
Contact: Hector Rodriguez, 6960 Sunfleck Row, Comunbia, Maryland 21045 Phone: 443-631-0115

$40,000 - United Workers Assn. (UWA) - Baltimore
A 4th year community organizing grant to strengthen continuing efforts to build self-respect and dignity for day laborers in the Baltimore area. Working to achieve fair wages, providing hiring hall space and gaining support of civic and business leaders have been the significant goals and gains of the UAW.
Contact: Todd Cherkis, P.O. Box 41507, Baltimore 21203 Phone: 410-522-1053.

$25,000 - Proyecto Esperanza - Baltimore
A 5th year community organizing grant to continue advocacy and educational opportunities for persons in the Latino community. Resources provided by lawyers and para-legals effect stability in persons' immigration status.
Contact: Hector Rodriguez, 7 S. Wolfe St., Baltimore, Maryland 21231 Phone: 443-631-0115

$25,000 - Youth as Resources - Baltimore
After some years of local CCHD funding, YAR is receiving its first national CCHD grant.. Recognizing the achievement of a unique project of students and young adults trained in the social justice principles and, in turn, enabling , with grants and guidance, other youth operated programs.
Contact: Julie Reeder, 2 E. Read St., 8th floor, Baltimore 21202 Phone : 410-576- 9551

$25,000 - Alternative Directions/ Out for Justice - Baltimore
After some local CCHD funding, Alternative Directions developed the Out For Justice project to address and empower largely unrepresented people inside and outside the prison system, especially their reentry into society.
Contact: Mary J. Davis , 2505 N. Charles St. Baltimore 21218 Phone : 410-889-5092

National Economic Development Grants

$30,000 - Arundel House of Hope - Glen Burnie
Founded in 1992, AHOH has worked to provide housing, rehab opportunities for homeless men and women of Anne Arundel County. A community movement, supported by local churches, AHOH will develop job training and business opportunities enabling folks to be self-employed. This CCHD economic development grant offers assistance in making this a reality.
Contact: Mary Alexander Page, 514 N. Crain Hwy. Suite K, Glen Burnie, MD 21061. Phone: 410-863-4888.

$35,000 - ACORN Trades Guild - Baltimore
ACORN (Assn. of Community Organizations for Reform Now) has worked to address the lead paint dangers in city dwellings . With over 150 certified testers, the Trades Guild brings together testers , contractors from within the low income community, homeowners and landlords 2workingto eliminate the lead poisoning risk in Baltimore.
Contact: Joseph Cox, 16 W. 25th St. Baltimore 21218 Phone : 410-735-3360

No CCHD national funds will go to ACORN groups this year, notably the national grant to ACORN Trades Guild in our Archdiocese of Baltimore.

$40,000 - United Workers Assn. (UWA) - Baltimore
With remarkable organizing success and achieving " living wage' status for workers maintaining Oriole Park and M&T Stadium, UAW now proposes the LIVING WAGES COOPERATIVE, a business owned and operated by the UWA to negotiate and fulfill maintenance contracts themselves with Stadium Authority and eventually, churches and institutions.
Contact: Todd Cherkis, P.O. Box 41507, Baltimore 21203 Phone: 410-522-1053.

Local Grants

$10,000 - Students Sharing Coalition - Baltimore
Students Sharing has an outstanding history of attracting, training and providing opportunities for students of middle, high school and college levels to live and apply the social justice principles. Operation AWARE extends this effort to 50 more students.
Contact: Linda Kohler 2315 N. Charles St. Baltimore 21218 Phone: 410-662-8999

$10,000 - Greater Greenmount Community Association - Baltimore
Organizing in January 2007, GGCA has brought together folks to promote community awareness, maintain affordable housing, improve living conditions and public safety. This local CCHD grant will help in providing working space and some operating expenses.
Contact: Mrs. Devon Wilford-Said c/o 410 E. North Ave. Baltimore 21202 Phone: 410-889-0071

$10,000 - Maryland Disabilities Law Center (MDLC) - Baltimore
Continuing the important work of the CityWide Special Education Advocacy Project, MDLC works with parents and Baltimore city schools officials to promote and insure education opportunities for children with special needs. This CCHD local grant will assist in these important efforts.
Contact: Pat Halle, 1800 N. Charles St., Baltimore , Maryland 21201 Phone: 410-727-6352

$10,000 - Baltimore County ACORN
Working with low to moderate income families in Baltimore County, ACORN is emphasizing renters rights and education to prevent foreclosures. As the constituency builds, a board of directors composed of working people is in progress.
Contact: Stuart Katzenberg, 16 W. 25th St., Baltimore 21218 Phone: 410-735-3360; 443-956-2798

$10,000 - Immigration Outreach Action Center - Baltimore
A special local grant to provide some matching funds in the Center's efforts to continue organizing and offering services to persons from more than 40 ethnic backgrounds to gain just hearings and viable job opportunities.
Contact: Jean Holloway 5401 Loch Raven Blvd. Baltimore 21239, Phone 410- 323-8564

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