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Archdiocese of Baltimore

Archdiocese of Baltimore
2007 CCHD National and Local Grants

National Grants

$35,000 - United Workers Assn. (UWA) - Baltimore -
The third year CCHD National Grant will continue to aid the organizing efforts and promote greater self-dignity and respect for the day-labor force in the metro area. Success in increasing the hourly wage, establishing a workers' center and added support from civic and industry leaders are marks of real change and success.
Contact: Todd Cherkis. 300 Cathedral St., Baltimore, Maryland 21201; Phone: 410-685-6589 Ext. 19

$30,000 - Save Middle East Action Committee (SMEAC) - Baltimore -
A third year CCHD National Grant to continue providing advocacy, leadership skills and direction in the ongoing relocation of East Baltimore residents affected by the Hopkins technological park development.
Contact: Nathan Sooey, Executive Director, 2111 Ashland Ave., Baltimore, Maryland 21205; Phone: 405-522-3660

$30,000 - P.A.T.H. (People Acting Together in Howard) -
The first year CCHD National Grant to a congregation-based organization in Howard County, MD. Founded with IAF support to create a third civic sector in this metro Baltimore county to offset and balance the powerful corporate and government sectors. PATH is working to provide more services to the poor. The 2006 founding assembly gather 400 participants from 32 institutions.
Contact: Hector Rodriguez, 6960 Sunfleck Row, Comunbia, Maryland 21045 Phone: 443-631-0115

$25,000 - Proyecto Esperanza - Baltimore -
This fourth year CCHD National Grant to continue building advocacy and educational opportunities in Baltimore's Latino community. More adequate resources within the legal community have strengthened both individuals and the group to greater self-reliance and less fear.
Contact: Hector Rodriguez, 7 S. Wolfe St., Baltimore, Maryland 21231 Phone: 443-631-0115

$20,000 - Maryland Disabilities Forum (MDF) - Baltimore -
A sixth year CCHD National Grant to support the necessary advocacy of MDF, a grass roots organization founded and operated by persons with disabilities. Their work has established a state cabinet membership to change structure and systems limiting the lives of members.
Contact: Beth Slepian, 129000 Jarrettsville Pike, Phoenix, Maryland 21131 Phone: 410-666-0086

$20,000 -Baltimore ACORN/Housing Justice Project - Baltimore -
With an enviable record of success in exposing the fraudulent "flipping" racket, working for lead paint abatement legislation and enforcement and promoting justice education, ACORN continues to speak for the disenfranchised of Baltimore. This fifth CCHD National Grant will enable continuance of these efforts.
Contact: Mitch Klein, 16 W. 25th St, Baltimore, Maryland 21228 Phone : 410-735-3360

$12,500 - Nuestra Casa del Pueblo, New Market MD -
This CCHD National Grant is awarded to seek technical assistance in building an organizational network in Frederick County to enable immigrants and their families, primarily of Latino background, to become self-reliant, gainfully employed, and to avail themselves of services already in place for their benefit.
Contact: Connie Castenera, Board President, c/o 6725 Woodridge Rd, New Market, MD Phone: 301-865-0808

$10,000 - Faith Fund - Baltimore -
A CCHD National feasibility study grant to cover pre-development phase of an Islamic small business lending program that aims to serve the growing and significant Muslim community of Baltimore.
Contact: Rabbi Floyd Herman Chaire; Aly Diakhate, Program Assistant, 901 Hollins St, Baltimore 21223 Phone: 410-400-9639

Local Grants

$15,000 - Holy Ground Campaign - Baltimore - (BRIDGE)
This local CCHD Grant will support the ongoing work of building a coalition of institutions and individuals working to keep affordable housing in East Baltimore, with a goal to set aside at least 300 units for low to moderate income residents in the area east of Johns Hopkins Hospital. members achieved a recent goal as part of the Inclusionary Housing Task Force with the passage of a City Council bill aimed at this overall goal for the City.
Contact: Rev. Karen Brau, Amazing Grace Lutheran Church, 2424 McElderry St, Baltimore 21205 Phone: 410-276-5674

$15,000 - Baltimore County ACORN -
With tenants' living conditions its primary concern, ACORN, Baltimore County, will apply these funds from this CCHD Local Grant to continue organizing low income residents in Dundalk, Woodlawn, Randallstown, Parkville, Arbutus and Lansdowne.
Contact: Stuart Katzenberg, 16 W. 25th St., Baltimore 21218 Phone: 410-735-3360; 443-956-2798

$10,000 - Youth as Resources (YAR) - Baltimore -
Continuing its stellar work in supporting and making grants to Baltimore City Youth Projects. YAR will apply these CCHD Local Grant monies to further leadership development efforts, extending the opportunities for its youth - led activities, organizing workshops and youth-adult partnerships training sessions.
Contact: Julie Reeder, 2 E. Read St., 8th Floor, Baltimore, Maryland 21202 Phone: 410-576-9551

$10,000 - Alternative Directions - Baltimore -
This CCHD Local Grant will foster the leadership training of the members of the steering committee of ex-offenders, recruit new members, promote legislative process education and advocacy in legislation changes.
Contact: Dottye Burt-Markowitz, 2505 N. Charles St., Baltimore, Maryland 21218 Phone: 410-889-5872

$10,000 - Maryland Disabilities Law Center (MDLC) - Baltimore -
The Local CCHD Grant to provide continuing support for a city-wide special education advocacy program to aid families and parents of children with disabilities. The MDLC works also with other groups to insure rightful educational opportunities in our public schools,
Contact: Pat Halle, 1800 N. Charles St., Baltimore , Maryland 21201 Phone: 410-727-6352

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