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Archdiocese of Baltimore

Archdiocese of Baltimore
2006 CCHD National and Local Grants

National Grants

$30,000 - United Workers Assn. (UWA) - Baltimore -
This second year CCHD grant will continue the efforts to organize and effect greater dignity and self-respect for the day labor force in the metro area. Increase of the hourly wage, a workers’ center and hiring hsll, with support of the civic and industry leaders has realized real change.
Contact: Todd Cherkis, 3325 E. Baltimore St. 21224 - P.O. Box 41547 21203 - Phone: 410-522-1053

$25,000 - Save Middle East Action Committee (SMEAC) - Baltimore -
This second year CCHD national grant provide advocacy, leadership skills and direction for the continued relocation of residents affected by technological park development in middle east Baltimore.
Contact: Mariselle Gomez, 2111 Ashland Ave., Baltimore, Maryland 21205 - Phone: 405-522-3660

$25,000 - Proyecto Esperanza - Baltimore -
This third year CCHD grant will continue the advocacy and educational opportunities for immigrants pri-marily of the Latino community . Resources within the legal community also strengthen the group's movement to self-reliance.
Contact: Hector Rodriguez, 7S. Wolfe St., Baltimore, Maryland 21231 - Phone: 443-768-3537

$25,000 - Maryland Disabilities Forum (MDF) - Baltimore -
This fifth year grant from National CCHD continues the critical advocacy role of MDF, a grassroots organization founded and operated by persons with disabilities and working to change the systems and structures limiting the lives of its members.
Contact: Beth Slepian, 129000 Jarrettsville Pike, Phoenix, Maryland 21131 - Phone: 410-668-8314

$20,000 -Baltimore ACORN/Housing Justice Project - Baltimore -
This sixth CCHD grant enables Baltimore ACORN to continue its leadership training, working for affordable housing and the goal of complete elimination of lead paint poisoning.
Contact: Mitchell Klein, 16 W. 25th St, Baltimore, Maryland 21228 - Phone: 410-735-3360

$20,000 - American Home Day Care Workers (AHDCW) - Maryland Chapter. Based in Baltimore -
Third CCHD grant will strengthen the self-sufficiency work hundreds of home day care providers who are generally underpaid, with no health benefits. They have now won the right to become apprenticeship trainers for providers on home care issues.
Contac: Joe Cox, 16 W. 25th. St., Baltimore, Maryland 21218 - Phone: 410-735-3310

$12,000 - Immigration Action Service Center - Baltimore -
This sixth CCHD national grant will add to the continuing efforts to create an organization representing over 40 ethnic peoples, over 10 language groups to become a unified voice for immigrants and direct them to just hearings and viable job opportunities.
Contact: Jean Marie Halloway, 5401 Loch Raven Blvd., Baltimore, Maryland 21239 - Phone: 410-323-8564

Local Grants

$10,000 - Alternative Directions, Inc. - Baltimore -
Dedicated to the ongoing rehabilitation of formerly incarcerated persons, this group welcomes, trains and involves the people served in the decision making and efforts to expand the state's role in better opportunities for them.
Contact: Dottye Burt-Markowitz, 2505 N. Charles St., Baltimore, Maryland 21218 - Phone: 410-327-0134

$10,000 - Maryland Disability Law Center - Baltimore -
City-Wide Special Education Advocacy Project assists families/parents of children with disabilities, advocating with other groups to insure rightful educational opportunities.
Contact: Pat Halle, 1800 N. Charles St., Baltimore, Maryland 21218 - Phone: 410-727-6352

$10,000 - Notre Dame Mission Volunteers/Americorps - Baltimore -
Local grant to implement efforts directing and encouraging Americorps workers to avail themselves of the Education Award Usage Program. If not utilized this federally funded opportunity means limited education for corps members.
Contact: K.C. O'Connor, 403 Markland Ave., Baltimore, Maryland 21212 - Phone: 410-532-6864

$10,000 - Student Sharing Coalition (SSC) - Baltimore -
Coalition has provided leadership training, social justice education and many opportunities for college, high school and now, middle school students to understand and advocate for the needs of poor people in our communities. This grant will affirm and help to continue their very special efforts.
Contact: Linda Kohler, 2315 N. Charles., Baltimore, Maryland 21218 - Phone: 410-662-8999

$10,000 - Youth as Resources - Baltimore -
This grant will aid the ongoing work of a truly unique venture: young adults, students engaged in marketing efforts, fund-raising to encourage and make grant requests to groups struggling to improve neighborhoods and educational opportunities.
Contact: Julia Reeder, 2 E. Read St. Baltimore, Maryland 21202 - Phone: 410-576-9551

$5,000 - United Hands of Carroll County - Westminster -
Assisting newly arrived immigrants in their educational, housing and job adjustments, United Hands depends on volunteers, and donors to help meet the needs of our new neighbors. This CCHD local grant will hopefully encourage greater county and state support.
Contact: Jenni Sharkey, 225 Clifton Blvd. Suite 315, Westminster, Maryland 21157 - Phone: 410-751-9001

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