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Archdiocese of Baltimore

Archdiocese of Baltimore
2005 CCHD National and Local Grants

National Grants

$25,000 - Save Middle East Action Committee (SMEAC) – Baltimore -
Founded in 2001, SMEAC is the sole, independent voice advocating for East Baltimore residents affected by the redevelopment efforts of a Biotech Park, sponsored by Johns Hopkins Hospital, the City of Baltimore and the East Baltimore Development, Inc. This first-time CCHD National Grant will support the excellent progress already achieved.
Contact: Mariselle Gomez, 2111 Ashland Ave., Baltimore, Maryland 21205; Phone: 405-522-3660

$25,000 – United Workers Assn. (UWA) – Baltimore –
The UWA project works successfully with day laborers to improve their working conditions and pay scale, with the potential to change the lives of 7,000 to 10,000 day laborers in Baltimore City. This first CCHD National Grant will enable the project to continue forging agreements with service providers.
Contact: Todd Cherkis. 300 Cathedral St., Baltimore, Maryland 21201; Phone: 410-685-6589 Ext. 19

$20,000 – American Home Day Care Workers (AHDCW) – Maryland Chapter. Based in Baltimore -
Welfare to Work legislation spawned this opportunity for women who care for up to six children on a daily basis but who have no benefits, no health care, and no voice. AHDCW will apply this first CCHD National Grant to advocate for these workers.
Contac: Joe Cox, 16 W. 25th. St., Baltimore, Maryland 21218 Phone: 410-735-3310

$20,000 –Baltimore ACORN/Housing Justice Project – Baltimore –
With an enviable record of success in exposing the fraudulent “flipping” racket, working for lead paint abatement legislation and enforcement and promoting justice education, ACORN continues to speak for the disenfranchised of Baltimore. This fifth CCHD National Grant will enable continuance of these efforts.
Contact: Mitch Klein, 16 W. 25th St, Baltimore, Maryland 21228 Phone : 410-735-3360

$20,000 – Maryland Disabilities Forum (MDF) – Baltimore –
A non-profit, cross disability organization, led by persons with disabilities, MDF has effected statewide system changes, achieving community inclusion, civil rights and equal opportunities. This fourth CCHD National Grant will enable this organization to continue its heroic, outstanding advocacy.
Contact: Beth Slepian, 129000 Jarrettsville Pike, Phoenix, Maryland 21131 Phone: 410-666-0086

$20,000 - Proyecto Esperanza – Baltimore –
This second year CCHD National Grant will enable the Latino community, based in East Baltimore to continue organizing for effectively meeting the many problems facing newly arrived immigrants: affordable housing, reputable immigrant services and better communication between parents and schools.
Contact: Hector Rodriguez, 7S. Wolfe St., Baltimore, Maryland 21231 Phone: 443-768-3537

$15,000 – Immigration Action Service Center – Baltimore –
A fifth year CCHD National Grant to continue the supportive advocacy and education work provided to immigrants from many nations. The Center has, in turn, provided social justice education opportunities for parish groups engaged in Just Faith and Beyond the Boundaries.
Contact: Jean Marie Halloway, c/o St. Matthew Churfch, 5401 Loch Raven Blvd., Baltimore, Maryland 21239 Phone: 410-323-8564

$10,000 – Notre Dame Mission Volunteers/Americorps – Baltimore –
Entitled to education award grants, these workers/volunteers fail to take advantage of such grants because of a variety of stumbling blocks. This “Education Award Usage Grant” will work to enable the workers easier access to these opportunities.
Contact: Katie Brennan 403 Markland Ave., Baltimore, Maryland 21212 Phone: 410-532-6864

$15,000 – Casa of Maryland – This inter-diocesan (Baltimore-Washington)
CCHD National Grant will further the organizing efforts and technical assistance opportunities provided by Casa for minority and Latino groups in the Baltimore – DC Region.
Contact: Mr. Ruiz 310 Tulip Ave., Takoma Park, Maryland 20912 Phone 301-431-4185

Local Grants

$12,500 – Student Sharing Coalition (SSC) – Baltimore –
With both local and a first-time, CCHD National Grant, SSC has achieved remarkable success in its opening efforts to educate student, middle-school through college, in the social justice principles, provide them opportunities to advocate for the homeless and influence members of the Maryland Legislature to the needs of the poor.
Contact: Linda Kohler, 2315 N. Charles., Baltimore, Maryland 21218 Phone: 410-662-9969

$12,500 – Maryland Justice Coalition (MJC) – Baltimore –
Since 2002, the MJC is recognized as the place to go for criminal justice advocacy. From basic hygiene to personal safety, from prison life to re-entry into society, this strong advocacy group will continue to promote a legislative agenda and develop the Friends and Family Leadership Initiative.
Contact: Tara Andrews, 1800 N. Charles St., Baltimore, Maryland 21218 Phone: 410-244-6334

$7,500 – Mercy Southwest Alliance (MSWA) – Baltimore –
A faith-based community MSWA works to improve the social, economic and spiritual life of its families. The alliance provides environment and opportunities in the areas of housing, addiction, literacy skills and job readiness.
Contact: Sr. Kitty Nueslein, RSM, 13 S. Poppleton St, Baltimore, Maryland 21201 Phone:410-547-8584

$7,500 – Maryland Disability Law Center - Baltimore –
To continue support for its city-wide organizing advocating for children with learning and physical disabilities, that they may benefit from education opportunities and needed social services.
Contact: Pat Halle, 1800 N. Charles St., Baltimore, Maryland 21218 Phone: 4100-727-6352

$5,000 – Quality of Life Center – Baltimore –
Working directly with and for the empowerment of community residents in NE Baltimore, the Center provides financial assistance, food programs, leadership training skills to promote independent living and self-pride.
Contact: Mrs. Rita Church, 2630 Harford Rd., Baltimore, Maryland 21218 Phone: 410-235-3933

$5,000 – United Hands of Carroll County – Westminster –
Organized to improve the quality of Hispanic residents of Carroll County. United Hands addresses the social and economic needs and assists in the delivery of services to the non-English speaking community.
Contact: Audrey Cimijo, 10 Distillery Rd., P.O. Box170, Westminster, Maryland 21158 Phone: 410-876-5505

$5,000 – Community Mediation Program – Baltimore –
This CCHD Local Grant will support the efforts of the “Peacemakers” program helping faith-based organizations in training leaders and volunteers to serve as mediators for families and communities.
Contact: Caroline Harmon, 3333 Greenmount Ave., Baltimore, Maryland 21218 Phone: 410-467-9165

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