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Archdiocese of Baltimore

2004 CCHD National Grants: Archdiocese of Baltimore

National Grants

$15,000 - Immigration Outreach Service Center - 4th year CCHD grant to expand its Immigrant Leadership Institute by funding an organizer, the IOSC continues its advocacy for and providing opportunities for Baltimore's growing immigrant population.
Contact: Fr. Joe Muth/Ms. Jean Holloway 410-323-8564 (5401 Loch Raven Blvd. Baltimore, MD 21239)

$15,000 - Baltimore ACORN Tenant Organizing Project - 4th year CCHD grant continues organizing, developing leadership, building skills to create a climate of change in Baltimore's notorious rental market.
Contact: Mitchell Klein 410-735-3360 (16 W. 25th St. Baltimore)

$29,000 - Tri-State Re-Use Center - 3rd year CCHD grant to provide staff in its continuing efforts to empower low income, marginalized residents to improve their living conditions, using donated building materials.
Contact: Hope Cucina 301-678-6160 (225 Main St. Hancock, MD 21750)

$20,000 - Maryland Disabilities Forum - 3rd year CCHD grant will enable MDF to continue its mission to unite MD's disability community into a strong organization promoting the civil rights of individuals with disabilities.
Contact: David Ward or Beth Slepian 410-666-0086 (12900 Jarrettsville Pike, Phoenix, MD 21131)

$20,000 - Students Sharing Coalition - 2nd year CCHD grant will enable this coalition of secondary and college students to continue educating for social justice, empowering them to take action and advocate for change. Now, middle school students will share in community organizing, developing leadership skills and advocate for change with elected officials.
Contact: Linda Kohler 410-662-8999 (2315 N. Charles St. Baltimore, MD 21218)

$15,000 - Proyecto Esperanza - 1st year CCHD grant will aid the efforts of a group of Latino leaders in southeast Baltimore in organizing to address the many survival issues facing immigrants, advocate for honest, reliable immigration services.
Contact: Hector Rodriguez 443-768-3537 (7 S. Wolfe St. Baltimore, MD 21231)

$20,000 - B.R.I.D.G.E. (Baltimore Regional Initiative Developing Genuine Equality) - 1st year CCHD grant will aid the ongoing efforts of 30 interfaith, multi-racial congregations and faith based organizations in the Baltimore Metro area and surrounding counties to "Bridge the Gap" for equitable housing and education.
Contact: Rev. David Casey 410-542-0395 (3200 Garrison Blvd. Baltimore, MD 21216)

$25,000 - FaithFund, Inc. 3rd year economic development grant will assist this community development financial institution in its unique mission to finance low income groups in the Baltimore area to begin/expand micro enterprises.
Contact: Rev. Kent Marcoux 410-366-1324 (4301 Roland Ave. Baltimore, MD 21210)

2004 CCHD Local Grants: Archdiocese of Baltimore

$12,500 - Maryland Disability Law Center - Continues its effective efforts to build a coalition of city wide organizations and parents to identify, strategize and implement change for good in our public education system.
Contact: Gary J. Weston 410-727-6352 (1800 N. Charles St. Ste. 400 Baltimore, MD 21201)

$5,500 - Great Blacks in Wax Museum This grant will aid in the group's efforts to educate, promote ethnic pride and dignity in the people organizing to create a better and safer community.
Contact: Colandra Coleman 410-563-4604 (1601-03 E. North Ave. Baltimore, MD 21213)

$9,000 - Quality of Life Corporation Since 1992, the center has provided socio-economic services to low-income residents in northeast Baltimore, fulfilling a legacy of its founder, Doris Johnson, and now working to empower residents to move from financial assistance and food programs to employment opportunities.
Contact: Rita Church 410-235-3933 (2630 Harford Rd. Baltimore, MD 21218)

$10,000 - Youth as Resources YAR reverses traditional youth programming and engages youth in grant making, leadership and community problem solving. YAR has completed 18 funding cycles, making grants to 190 projects.
Contact: Julia Reeder 410-576-9551 (2 E. Read St. Baltimore, MD 21202)

$9,000 - Save Middle East Action Committee (SMEAC) - In Baltimore, SMEAC promotes education, understanding, advocacy and planning with and for persons affected by the Bio-Tech Project plan in east Baltimore. It is the only independent community voice advocating on behalf of residents begin affected in this major redevelopment.
Contact: Angela Carter 410-327-5025 (903 N. Wolfe St. Baltimore, MD 21205)

$1,000 - Project Millennium - Promoting safe venues for young artists and musicians, advocating community and business group's awareness to end cultural poverty and building stronger communities.
Contact: Carla Crisp 410-288-0610 (832 S. 50th St. Baltimore, MD 21222)

$9,000 - Nuestra Casa Del Pueblo - (Our People's House) Created in 2003, this group developed a Latino community controlled, community based organization to aid immigrant and leadership training.
Contact: Antonio Ramirez 240-674-1421 (PO Box 3954 Frederick, MD 21701)

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