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Catholic Campaign For Human Development (CCHD)
Archdiocese of Baltimore

2003 CCHD National and Local Grants: Archdiocese of Baltimore

2003 CCHD National Grants:

This 3rd year grant will support efforts to train immigrant leaders, expand the Immigrant Institute and organize a cross section of Baltimore's immigrant population, while continuing to develop the Outreach Service Center,
CONTACT: Ms. Jean Holloway; Rev. Joseph Muth, 5401 Loch Raven Blvd. 21239 (410)433-2300

A 3rd year grant will aid efforts to pass a reform of rental codes and a continued campaign aimed at predatory lending and finance reform.
CONTACT: Valerie Coffin, 825 Park Ave, 21201 (410) 752-2228

This second year grant will promote efforts to widen awareness of the needs of disabled persons(New Freedom Initiative for Maryland),increase voter accessibility. Leadership development will be promoted among high school students with disabilities and efforts will continue to develop a strategic and financial plan to ,support needed staff to implement MDF goals.
CONTACT: David Ward, 12900 Jarrettsville Pike, 21131 (410) 666-0086

$15,000: C.P.H.A. TRANSIT RIDERS LEAGUE, Baltimore.
A 2nd year grant wlll aid a Campaign for Riders Rights to decent service; fight proposed transit budget cuts in the 2O04 Assembly; win implementation of the Balto. Region Rail System Plan; engage and promote youth leadership; continue to build effective leadership and self-sufficiency.
CONTACT: Caroline Harmon, 218W. Saratoga St. 5th FL. Baltimore 21201 (401) 539-1369

$15,000: TRI-STATE RE-USE CENTER, Hancock, MD
Promoting community development by recycling building materials to largely low-income households. This second year grant may help to hire additional part-time staff to manage warehouse and promote community outreach.
CONTACT: Hope Cucina, 225 Main St. Hancock, MD (301) 678-5503

Since 1991 as an all volunteer effort, the Assn. now has staff to promote membership and continl1e to develop "Stream Teams", organized by neighborhoods. This 2nd year grant will help in this critical environmental effort.
CONTACT: Richard S. Hersey, 4337 Harford Rd. Baltimore 21214 (410) 254-1577

$10,000 & $5,000 = $15,000: STUDENTS SHARIMG COALITION. Baltimore.
After several Local CCHD grants, the Coalition was recognized as the first choice among national, advisory CCHD team members. This combined grant of $10,000 (national) and $5,000 (local) will support efforts to train high school and college students in social justice principles, learn about and focus on issues of concern in their communities. In turn, the students speak publically and meet one on one with state senators and delegates in the Md. Assembly.
CONTACT: Linda Kohler, 2418 St. Pal1l St., Baltimore 21218 (410) 662-8999

$25,000: FAITH FUND, INC., Baltimore.
This second year economic development grant will provide operating expenses for this community development financial institution. The Faith Fund provides loans and technical assistance to organizations working to develop low cost, affordable housing, small businesses and low income facilities in the Baltimore region.
CONTACT: Rev. Kent Marcoux, 4301 Roland Ave., 21210 (410) 366-1324.

2003 CCHD Local Grants:

With 10 chapters, nationwide, AHDA works closely with ACORN and seeks to mobilize family child care providers to organize for better wages, benefits and working conditions. This local grant will assist organizing efforts, statewide for over 800 family care providers.
CONTACT: Mitch Klein, 825 Park Ave., 21201, (410) 752-2228

The grant monies will allow MDLC to continue coordination and support for the City-Wide Special Education Advocacy Project. MDLC will provide training sessions on the special education laws and advocacy to member organizations.
CONTACT: Pat Halle, 1800 N. Charles St. Suite 400, 21218 (410)727-6352x235

$5,000 : YOUNG CHRISTIAN WORKERS, Baltimore.
This grant will help in organizing groups of young workers to continue training and and learning significant actions for gaining labor rights under the YCW banner of "SEE-JUDGE-ACT." II
CONTACT: Rev. Robert Bierne 1730 Bank St. 21231 (410) 563-3281

$5,000 : JULIE COMMUNITY CENTER, Baltimore.
This local CCHD grant will help current efforts of the Southeast Education Task Force to promote public schools' efforts to improve quality of education, facilities and parental involvement. The Julie Community Center directs this effort.
CONTACT: Sr. Barbara English, SND. 100 S. Washington St. 21231 (410) 675-6300

$5,000: B.R.I.D.G.E. Baltimore Regional Initiative Developing & Genuine Equality: Metro Organizing Project.
In this effort to organize "Places Passed Over by Prosperity, BRIDGE, a congregation-based process, seeks to bring low-income membership in Baltimore City and surrounding metro areas, into sharing a voice in decision making and taking.
CONTACT: Rev. David Casey, 3200 Garrison Blvd. 21216 (443) 857-0831

After receiving two national CCHD grants, this project entitled "Healthy Homes" has acquired and is rehabilitating an abandoned rowhouse to serve as a model for the community wherein children up to six years suffer a variety of illnesses because of poor conditions in their houses.
CONTACT: Rosa Hart Burenstine, 1100 Rutland Ave. 21213 (410) 327-0048

$ 5,000 HOME PARTNERSHIP, INC., Credit Repair Incentive Fund, Belcamp
Begun in 1995, this interdenominational effort is working to provide low cost, affordable housing in Harford County by offering an intensive 12 month credit-repair program enabling, families to purchase their first homes.
CONTACT: Frank R. Hodgetts, 1221 B Brass Mill Rd. Belcamp, MD. 21017, {410) 297-6700

$2,500 BCON Baltimore County Organizing Neighborhoods
An interfaith, interracial citizens' power organization in Baltimore County. This effort continues to enlist and train leaders from congregations to address and change conditions the quality of life. 28 Baltimore County Houses of Worship compose this interfaith alliance.
CONTACT. Howard Jackson, 9019 Liberty Rd., Randallstown, MD. 21133 (410) 558-2138

$167,500: Total of 2003 National and Local Grants

$213,500: Total 2003 CCHD Collection November 2002, Archdiocese of Baltimore

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