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Archdiocese of Baltimore

2002 CCHD National and Local Grants: Archdiocese of Baltimore

National Grants

$35,000 - CPHA (Citizens Planning and Housing Assn.) Transit Riders League, Baltimore
Formed in 1941, CPHA was originally Baltimore City focused and is now a leader in regional cooperation. The League, since 1999, aims to improve driver accountability, responsive management of customer service, restructuring of bus service, improve MARC service and wheelchair access on buses.
Contact: Caroline Marmon, 218 W. Saratoga St., Baltimore 21201, 410-539-1369x244

$25,000 - Herring Run Watershed Assn., Baltimore
Founded in 1991, the Assn. mobilizes and trains volunteers in the 42 sq. mile area in and around the Herring Run stream system, through its Green Parks and Clean Streams project. In turn, neighborhoods, property values and the environmental needs are served better.
Contact: Richard S. Hersey, 4337 Harford Rd., Baltimore 21214, 410-254-1577

$20,000 - The Tri-State Re-Use Center, Hancock, MD
Recipient of CCHD local funding last year, the Center will continue to organize community volunteers, among this low income population to transform trash to treasure.
Contact: Hope Cucina, 225 W. Main St., Hancock, MD, 21270, 301-687-6160

$20,000 - Immigration Action Committee, Baltimore
This second year grant will enable the continued training of immigrant leaders who will focus on community organizing as well as developing an Immigrant Institute. The Center continues its outreach activities to aid all immigrants in need.
Contact: Rev. Joe Muth, 5401 Loch Raven Blvd., Baltimore, 21239, 410-323-8564

$50,000 - Faith Fund, Inc. (Marianist Sharing Fund), Baltimore
National CCHD awards this grant as a Social Investment Loan for micro enterprise finance. CCHD's financing will be an important step toward realizing the Faith Fund's planned financing of $1.8 million in micro enterprise loans over the next five years.
Contact: Richard Ullrich, 4301 Roland Ave., Baltimore, MD 21210, 410-366-1324

$25,000 - Faith Fund, Inc. (Marianist Sharing Fund), Baltimore
This second CCHD award will enable the Faith Fund to hire and partially fund a micro enterprise loan officer to build partnerships with existing lenders and technical assistance providers in the Baltimore region.
Contact: Richard Ullrich, 4301 Roland Ave., Baltimore, MD 21210, 410-366-1324

Inter Diocesan Grant - Baltimore, Washington, Wilmington

$30,000 - Progressive MD Education Fund (PMEF), MD, Living Wage Campaign
Encouraged by the Baltimore "Living Wage" ordnance, the PMEF is completing a 3 year living wage campaign in Montgomery County, MD, with the aim of a statewide "living wage" legislation moving the MAryland State Legislature.
Contact: Tom Hucker, 8730 Georgia Ave., Suite 200, Silver Spring, MD, 20910, 301-495-7004

Local Grants

$10,000 - Baltimore ACORN - Housing Justice Project
Baltimore City's housing crisis is a maze of problems involving slum landlord, house flippers, predatory lenders and the housing authority itself. This CCHD local grant will support CORN members efforts to meet, expose and possibly overcome these situations.
Contact: Mitchell Klein, 825 Park Ave., Baltimore 2120111, 410-752-2228

$8,000 - BRIDGE (Baltimore Regional Initiative Developing Genuine Change, Inc.)
Formed in 2000, with the impetus of CPHA and the Baltimore Archdiocese's Beyond the Boundaries process. BRIDGE now has 25 multi-racial, interfaith congregations working to address regional and social justice issues in the Baltimore metropolitan and surrounding counties.
Contact: Rev. David Casey, 2107 E. Baltimore 21231, 410-732-3701

$8,000 - Tri-Churches Housing, Inc., Baltimore
With a fine record of housing renovations, home ownership rate increases and community organizing, TCI, since 1985 has helped to stabilize the "Pigtown" area of SW Baltimore. This current effort to retain the local branch of the public library is critical to neighborhood stability.
Contact: Shannon Jeffords, 815 Scott St., Baltimore 21230, 410-385-1463

$7,000 - BUILD (Baltimore County Sponsoring Committee)
With the aim of establishing an interfaith, multi-racial citizens organization in Baltimore County, the IAF/BUILD initiative will face issues and concerns that affect the good of county, region, and state.
Contact: Howard L. Jackson, 9019 Liberty Rd., Randallstowm, MD, 21133, 410-558-2138

$7,000 - Students Sharing Coalition, Baltimore
Educating and promoting for social justice actions, the Coalition enlists private and public high school and college students to become advocates for the homeless and persons. Project AWARE also adds the focus of involving middle school students in this education/action effort.
Contact: Linda F. Kohler, 2418 St. PAul St., Baltimore, 21218, 410-662-8999

$5,000 - Youth As Resources/Community Outreach, Baltimore
YAR focuses on youth led grant making and leadership development in Baltimore's most challenged neighborhoods. This local CCHD grant will help YAR in a marketing and community outreach campaign.
Contact: Julie Reeder. 2 E. Reade St., 8th Floor, Baltimore, 21202, 410-576-9551

$5,000 - Woodland Nguzo Saba Neighborhood Assn., Baltimore
To Combat community deterioration, youth problems and engage residents in alternative activities, crime and substance abuse. The association needs a community organizer's skills to create this common effort. This grant may help partially toward that goal.
Contact: Jeab Yahudah, 3351 Woodland Ave., Baltimore, 21215, 410-664-0238

$2,500 - Project Millenium, Baltimore
Since 1994, hundreds of youth have participated as performers, musicians and set up volunteers in the Project's excellent efforts to tap talent and provide avenues for increased self-esteem in poverty level income communities.
Contact: Carla Crisp, 832 S. 50th St., Baltimore, 21222, 410-288-0601

$2,500 - Hezekiah Movement, Baltimore
In the St. Peter the Apostle neighborhood of SW Baltimore, this outreach effort to assist and rehabilitate persons is promoting self respect and new dignity.
Contact: Fr. Joseph McDonough, S.T., 13 S. Poppleton St., Baltimore, 21201, 410-685-5044

$217,031 - CCHD Collection, Baltimore Archdiocese, November 2001

$180,000 - Total 2002 National and Interdiocesan CCHD Grants
$  55,000 - Local CCHD Grants
$235,000 - Total Local and National Grants: 2002 in Archdiocese of Baltimore

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