Catholic Campaign For Human Development (CCHD)
Archdiocese of Baltimore

Diocesan Director, Archdiocese of Baltimore
Msgr. Richard J. Bozzelli
St. Bernardine Catholic Church
3812 Edmondson Avenue
Baltimore, MD 21229-1945
Phone: (410) 362-8664

Informational Videos By Groups That Received CCHD Grant Funds

2023 CCHD Grants Awarded
Anne Arundel Connecting Together - - - - - Hon's Honey - - - - - United Workers

Past Social Ministry Convocations

About the Catholic Campaign for Human Development

Funeral Homily for Msgr. William F. Burke (March 2023)

Tribute to Msgr. William F. Burke

CCHD - Who We Are

What is CCHD? - 3 Minute Video
Ralph McCloud, Director of the Catholic Campaign for Human Development explains more about the campaign and how it helps those in need.

What is CCHD Baltimore? - 3 Minute Video
Father Rich Bozzelli, Diocesan Director of the Catholic Campaign for Human Development.

CCHD 50th Anniversary Address - 23 Minute Video
Bishop O’Connell - November 2021

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CCHD Newsletters: Helping People Help Themselves

CCHD Grants Program

CCHD Guide for Grant Applicants (Revised 2023)

CCHD Grants General Information

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CCHD Grant Process and Timeline

Community Development Grant Criteria, Guidelines and Policies

Economic Development Grant Criteria and Guidelines

Finding Grant Money - Nonprofit Resource List

Catholic Social Teaching

Seven Key Themes of Catholic Social Teaching

  1. The Dignity of Work and Rights of Workers - 3.52 Minutes
  2. Life and Dignity of the Human Person - 3.27 Minutes
  3. Solidarity - 3.56 Minutes
  4. Rights and Responsibilities - 3.30 Minutes
  5. Option for the Poor and Vulnerable - 4.27 Minutes
  6. Call to Family, Community, and Participation - 3.45 Minutes
  7. Care for God's Creation - 3.05 Minutes

Color the World with Justice -- Themes of Catholic Social Teaching Coloring Activity
Catholic Social Teaching Coloring Book Instructions
Catholic Social Teaching Coloring Book

Superhero of Justice - Interactive Activity Kindergarten up to Third Grade

Take a Step Illustration of Advantages, Disadvantages and Factors Leading to Poverty - Version for Middle and High Schools

The Two Parts of Social Ministry

Social Justice Toolkit - Catholic Charities

The Social Justice Toolkit is comprised of resources, activity ideas, volunteer opportunities, and community organization profiles that highlight the social justice principles informing our mission over the years. It is our hope that this toolkit serves as a resource for you to continue to write that history in your own neighborhoods and faith communities. Opportunities within are organized around the seven principles of Catholic Social Teaching, which challenge us to live the call to holiness.

Download the Social Justice Toolkit

- Poverty USA   -  America's Forgotten State

Economic Justice for All - Pastoral Letter on Catholic Social Teaching and the U.S. Economy
U. S. Catholic Bishops, 1986 - A Pastoral Message

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CCHD Baltimore in the News

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Monsignor Burke leaves legacy of striving for social justice, devotion to city parish - The Catholic Review - March 6, 2023

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Monsignor Burke retiring after 62 years as priest of Baltimore Archdiocese - The Catholic Review - May 24, 2021

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Groups say Catholic Campaign for Human Development grants are crucial - The Catholic Review - August 21, 2009

CCHD grants help poverty-level groups help themselves - The Catholic Review - August 25, 2008

Church campaign donates $206,000 to fight poverty - The Catholic Review - September 2, 2004

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