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2010 CCHD National and Local Grants

Below are the grants awarded in August 2010, and a description by each group of its program.

National Grants

  1. $50,000: UNITED WORKERS ASSOCIATION, Baltimore
    This sixth year grant will enable UWA to continue its unique role in bringing hope, self respect to workers in public facilities and institutions, advocating living wages, safe working conditions and a share in decisions affecting their welfare.
    Contact: Todd Cherkis P.O. Box 41547, Baltimore 21203, 410-522-1053
    This fourth year, community organizing grant will foster the progress made by churches and civic organizations in promoting and advocating for inclusive, fair housing for needy families. Legislators have responded positively in this critical work.
    Contact: Cynthia Marshall. 10081 Fair Beauty, Columbia MD 21046,1-202-262-1278
  3. $45,000: YOUTH AS RESOURCES, Baltimore
    This third year national grant will continue the work of training students and young adults in the social justice principles. Imaging CCHD, they, in turn, enable groups of young people to organize and improve their neighborhoods.
    Contact: Julie Reeder. 2 East Read St, Baltimore 21202 410-576-9551
  4. $40,000: OUT FOR JUSTICE, Baltimore
    This third year organizing grant will foster the unique mission to address and empower largely unrepresented persons both inside and outside the prison system, with special; attention on reentry into society.
    Contact: Mary J. Davis 2505 N. Charles St. Baltimore 21218, 410-889-5092
  5. $30,000 CITY WIDE ADVOCACY PROJECT, Baltimore
    This first-time national grant affirms the work of parents struggling and working with Baltimore City school system to provide education for children with special needs. CCHD notes the needs for continuing leadership training and organizing skills to realize this goal more effectively.
    Contact: Pat Halle 1800 N. Charles St. Baltimore 21201, 410-727-8352
  6. $25,000 ARUNDEL HOUSE OF HOPE, Anne Arundel County
    This Economic Development grant will support the training and employment of workers, who will eventually own this small food service business.
    Contact: Mario Berninzoni 514 N. Crain Hwy. Glen Burnie MD 21061, 410-863-4888
    This grant will support development of training leaders for ongoing community organizing. In the past the Center's work has enabled many persons to find safe housing, jobs and educational opportunities.
    Contact: Jean Holloway. 5401 Loch Raven Blvd Baltimore 21239, 410-323-8564

Local Grants

  1. $15,000: PROYECTO ESPERANZA, Baltimore
    Having received both local and national CCHD grants in the past, Proyecto Esperanza has been reorganized to continue its mission to empower Latinos struggling to overcome the considerable poverty and injustice which follows them from their native lands to their adopted home.
    Contact: Hector Rodrigues, 6960 Sunfleck Row, Columbia, MD 21045, 443-631-0115

For Information and Further CCHD Opportunities:
Msgr. William F. Burke, CCHD Diocesan Director, 3615 Harford Rd., 21218, Baltimore, MD (410)235-5136

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